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Full Version: ConeUIElement3D Point Set
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Does anyone know if there is a set of Points I can have access to if I have a ConeUIElement3D with say, 10 Segments? I have the BottomCenterPosition and radius etc but wondered if there's a way to get, for instance, the corner points of each segment etc, a lower-level description of the cone?

thanks in advance
Each UIElement3D from Ab3d.PowerToys has a Model property.

You can get the Positions, TriangleIndices, TextureCoordinates and Normals from the MeshGeometry3D - see the following code (if Cone1 is the name of the ConeUIElement3D):

GeometryModel3D geometryModel3D = (GeometryModel3D)Cone1.Model;
MeshGeometry3D mesh = (MeshGeometry3D)geometryModel3D.Geometry;
Thank you! :)