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Full Version: Paste to xaml in SL 3
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I run SL 3 and vs 2008 and blend 3
i get the following exceptions when hitting the write to xaml button

there are no exception details , therefore i cant provide any
can you fix this urgently ?

[Image: http://www.licitation.net/err1.bmp]
[Image: http://www.licitation.net/err2.bmp]

That is definitely a bug in Paste2Xaml application.:s

Thank you for reporting it.

I have just published Ab3d.PowerToys libraries and now have some time for other things - I will fix the Paste2Xaml application soon - probably in this week.

Hello Andrej

Thanks for picking up on this. do you have an idea of the new release
with the bug fix, as i really need this urgent

I would like to inform you that a new version of Paste2Xaml application is available - see http://www.wpf-graphics.com/Downloads.aspx