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Full Version: PowerToys Licence Issues
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Once installing the Final version the licx file is not created in the bin folder as the read me says.

Also, when I add the 'Ab3d.PowerToys, Ab3d.Cameras.BaseCamera' to a licx file that has the reader already in it I get the following error from visual studio:

Unable to resolve type 'Ab3d.PowerToys, Ab3d.Cameras.BaseCamera'

Any help would be appreciated, kinda critical as the beta version expires 12/31/09 and I had to modify my code to use the 1.0 version which I know cannot deploy without getting the nag screen.

Thank you for your notice.

I have found the problem and fixed it (it was only present in the commercial version - evaluation version is working without any problems).

Please log in to your User Account on http://www.wpf-graphics.com and download the latest version of PowerToys.

The installer now also includes the license.licx file.
Note that the content of the license.licx file is changed now (the instructions in the readme.txt file are also changed).
That fixed it!

I have the licence key for PowerToys, and I have included the Ab3d.PowerToys.dll in my project. But when i try to debug or run the solution in Visual Studio 2010, it gives me exception saying that
' The current application is using an unlicensed version of Ab3d.PowerToys!
Please obtain a valid license.'

Could you please confirm that you have installed the commercial version of Ab3d.PowerToys with the license key. The installer already checks the license key - so if it went through the license key was checked and is correct.

Once you will have the product installed it should work without any additional work on the computer where it is installed. To distribute the library to your clients, please read the readme.txt file with the instructions on how to embed the license into the application.

If you still have problems, please send me your license key as a private message so I can make a check.