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Full Version: Hollow cylinder and hollow cone
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I need to be able to draw a hollow cylinder, like a ring with an outside and inside diameter that is extruded to a particular height. Also on my want list is to be able to draw a truncated cone that has lower and upper outside and inside diameters. It doesn't appear that these are supported drawing types.

Is it possible to do this by drawing a cylinder and then subtracting a separate cylinder from it? And if so, is this also possible with cones?
If you need to specify inner and outer radius then you can use ConeVisual3D - see then samples that come with Ab3d.PowerToys.

I do not understand what did you mean by "a truncated cone that has lower and upper outside and inside diameters". Could you please explain that in more details and maybe provide a shema or something to make this more clear.
By truncated, I mean that the cone does not go all the way to the point. Here is a SketchUp drawing of what I'm trying to create. It is like a styrofoam cup that has a specified wall thickness.
I have added a new ConeTubeVisual3D that is a 3D Tube with different top and bottom radius.

It is also possible to create it with a new constructor of TubeMesh3D that takes different outer and inner radius values for top and bottom of the tube.


This will be available in the next version of Ab3d.PowerToys that will be released in the next week.