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Full Version: AssimpWpfExporter corrupts files when exporting as StlBinary type
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I think assimp exporter corrupts files when exporting as StlBinary type.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Start AssimpWpfExporter and load duck.dae from the sample resources.
2) Export as StlBinary
3) The exported file is corrupt.

Best Regards,
I am sorry to see that.

I have tried that and it looks like export to StlBinary works for some models (for example for the default model with many boxes), but does not work for some other (duck).

But the same model can be successfully export to stl, obj, ply and collada (.dae) files.

Because I only created a managed wrapper for native assimp library, I assume that the data are correctly prepared (because export to other file formats work) and that there is something wrong with StlBinary exporter in assimp library.

I do not know what is the reason for that. Also I cannot do anything to improve that.

But maybe you can report that problem to the authors of assimp library.