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Full Version: ViewerSVG: XAML output is not always correct
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Hallo all,
we create svg icons in Inkscape application and we use ViewerSVG for export to XAML for using in MS Visual Studio (WPF application development).
Sometimes the ViewerSVG does not render SVG data correctly. In attachment is shown original svg (rotplus_color.svg) generated by Inkscape
(Inkscape_original.png). SVG_In_MSInternetExplorer.png shows how it is rendered by MS Internet Explorer (correctly). When I load this svg file
by ViewerSVG I get following: (see screenshots SVGViewer1.png and SVGViewer2.png). Both cases are differed in (checked / unchecked) function "Transform shapes".
As you can see both cases are rendered wrong. XAML output is in application shown by the same way.
Do you know what can be wrong and what can I solve this problem? Thank you for any advice.
Thank you for the sample file.

The problem was caused because a svg element had both "inkscape:transform-center-x" and "transform" attributes. This was not correctly read with ReaderSvg.

I have fixed that I will send you a link to a pre-release version as a private message.

This fix will be also part of the next version of ReaderSvg that will be published in November.