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Full Version: AccessViolationException during Assimp Export
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I'm trying to export a plane drawn into a Model3DGroup using AssimpWpfExporter class.
I did some test using the Assimp exporter sample and everithing worked fine when I saved the same  OBJ file into the Application Debug/Release folder. 

Then I moved to another project and I wanted to save the file into a different Path: the current user Documents folder. 

Unfortunately, sometimes, an unhandled exception break the execution of the application, as you can see from the attached picture.

Why is this happening?
Thank you.
It looks like there was a problem in the native assimp library.
Please use the new version of the library - I will send you a link in a private message. The new assimp library will be available with the next version of Ab3d.PowerToys that will be released very soon.
Ok, thank you!