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Full Version: How to reset axis panel X,Y,Z position when image is loaded dynamically at run time
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I am loading .fbx and .obj files using AssimpWpfImporter. My requirement is dynamically change the image content and display it. When I am changing the image content it is preserving the latest X,Y,Z position. I need to reset when user select new image to load it. Can you please guide me how we can achieve it.

I am using Ab3d.PowerToys with version 8.2.6863.45.
Hm, I do not understand your question.

I understand that you load 3D objects from fbx or obj file with using AssimpWpfImporter. But when you change the "image content" (you probably mean that you load another 3D model) you said that "it" is preserving the x,y,z position. Do you mean that the camera is still looking at the previous position?

Please provide more information.