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Full Version: Why DXEventManager3DWrapper can't handle CircleVisual3D MouseDrag event?
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I want to implement a Graph editor, so I use the CircleVisual3D to present graph nodes,

and, i use DxEventManager3DWrapper to handle mouse move, click and drag events,

my problem is why MouseDrag doesn't work with DxEventManager3DWrapper but work with EventManager3DWrapper ?

I think I can't use 2 event manager for 1 visual object, it will be too complex.
The sample DXEventManager3DWrapper that comes with Ab3d.DXEngine is the same as the sample that comes with Ab3d.PowerToys and it also uses drag event and drag surface.

This sample uses DXEventManager3DWrapper and dragging there works correctly.

Check what are the differences between this sample and your code.
Maybe some other event handler is getting the mouse down events.