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Full Version: Camera behavior
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I'm writing a WPF based 3D files viewer and I'm looking for some capabilities not included in the standard 3Dmedia library, such as:
- 3D axis: You have it implemented through ColoredAxisVisual3D, but I need these axis to be fixed in a corner of the 3Dviewport and not affected by zoom or pan, but affected by rotations.
- Zoom, Pan and rotation with the origin of the movement in the mouse position, not in the origin of coordinates

I have read similar desidered effects in the forum, but after trying the suggested solutions, I don't have what I need. For zoom and rotation I tried TargetPositionCamera, changing the TargetPosition property, but it translate the center of the viewport to the specified TargetPosition, and I just want that TargetPosition becomes the center of the movement (zoom, rotation), not the center of the scene.

Can your PowerToys library help to perform those behavior?

Thanks in advance,