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Full Version: Not able to open 3ds-file with Viewer3ds
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Hi there,
till now, we are not using Reader3ds, but are thinking about it. We'd like to write an application for robot-visualization and the robot-models can be exported as .3ds. These I thought of read via Reader3ds and therefore tried to open them with Viewer3ds, but was not possible.
After some searching I think, it could be a problem with the version of .3ds-format.
I attached such a 3ds-file just containing a block.
Can someone help me if this can be read with Reader3ds and if not, why.

Thank you for uploading the sample file.

I have found a problem in Reader3ds with reading the material transparency attribute.

I have fixed the problems. I am finishing with developing a new major release of Reader3ds. I am planning to release it at the end of the next week.

I have found a few rarely used attributes in your 3ds file. May I ask you what application did you use to create the 3ds file?
This was done by a Kuka Robot-Simulation-Software name KukaSim (http://www.kuka-robotics.com/germany/en/.../start.htm), programmed by VisualComponents (http://www.visualcomponents.com/)