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2D performance - dauciunas - 06-17-2011


I've taken a look at Your Past2Xaml sample, and it's performance is concerning me a little. I took a "Database.emf" and multiplied it 64x times. (see attached)

When I zoom out to see the full diagram, Zoom and Pan functions start to demonstrate ~1 Sec Lag.

Is it possible to improve the performance at this level of detail ?
or put it another way - at this count of objects ?

RE: 2D performance - abenedik - 11-19-2014

2D performance can be improved with reading the objects as Geometries instead as Shapes. This creates lower level objects with less overhead.

Another performance improvement can be get with Freezing the objects - call Freeze method on read Geometries.

But you cannot expect miracles - WPF is very easy to use, but this also bring lots of overhead when it comes to very high performance.