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animation type supported - anaderi - 09-01-2011


I have a question regarding animation types supported by Reader3ds.
Does it support frame or skeletal animation? Or both?
And how complex model may be (in terms of polygons) to render smoothly on PC with Core i5 + Intel gma hd 3000 Graphics card?

Thanks for your answer!

RE: animation type supported - abenedik - 09-02-2011

Frame and skeletal animations are not supported by 3ds file format.

The file format and Reader3ds support key frame animation for position, scale and rotation for 3d objects. For camera fov, roll and target position animations are also supported. For light color and light target animation are supported.

It is hard to say how complex models are animated smoothly.
You can try this with evaluation version and decide what is smooth enough for you. Here please not that when playing animations it is recommended to set UseModelTransforms property on Reader3ds to true - this will not recreate all objects on each frame but will only change the transformations on the objects. This will make the animations much more smooth.