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Quality loss while converting from .3ds to .xaml - NimishaNath - 05-24-2012

Hi. I tried using the trial version of Viewer3ds to convert few objects from .3ds to .xaml format.

I observed that during all those conversions there was loss of data. Few pieces from the object got deleted and looked like holes in the object.
I am planning to purchase the tool for further usage. But i am not sure if the licensed version would also offer quality loss.

Can you please revert back regarding this issue?

RE: Quality loss while converting from .3ds to .xaml - abenedik - 05-24-2012

As it is written in the "Using evaluation version" help file, the loos of data is there only in evaluation version - the exported xaml will not contain all the triangles.

To see how the 3D object will look like in the licensed version, open the 3ds file in Viewer3ds and have the "Preview as in licensed version" check box checked. Here you can rotate the 3D object and inspect it.

I can assure you that the 3D object created from the exported xaml from the licensed version will look the same as in the preview mode (without any data lost).