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Embedded image not converted - kguetter - 07-04-2013

Hello Andrej,

The attached emf file has three images in the upper row, of which only two get converted.
The upper left one (which has an alpha channel) does not appear in the generated xaml. Also Paste2Xaml does not show it.

Is there anything I can do about it?


P.S. I cannot upload any files. An error message "The file upload failed. Please choose a valid file and try again. Error details: There was a problem moving the uploaded file to its destination." appears. So I will send it to you by EMail.

RE: Embedded image not converted - abenedik - 07-05-2013

I have checked the file and found out that the problem is that the first image is written with EMR_ALPHABLEND metafile record - this means that the bitmap should be added to the existing image with applying a specified alpha blending function - see more here:

Unfortunately such operations are not possible in vector based WPF. Therefore this record is skipped.

RE: Embedded image not converted - kguetter - 07-05-2013

Hallo Andrej,

thank you for having a look. Yet, I don't understand why this should not be possible in WPF. After all, <Image /> with a source containing alpha channel works quite fine.

Best regards, Klaus