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Difference in animation - Totoyami - 04-06-2015


Some .3ds files are animated different in 3D Max and in Viewer3ds. Example is here https://www.dropbox.com/s/noa9apnmhlnmmhg/123.3DS?dl=0.

Brief description: Static image looks fine in both programs, animation - not. If we play it in 3D Max - everything is fine, but when we try to read and play it with Viewer3ds we can see one of elements, which is supposed to be inside of the main model object, is flying somewhere nearby. And during the animation, instead of rising from the model, it at first sinks in one side and then appears from another.

Is any possible solution to this problem?


RE: Difference in animation - abenedik - 04-15-2015

I have found a problem in Reader3ds and fixed it. Sometimes when some models does not start the animation on first frame, the animation might not be read correctly.

I have fixed Reader3ds and send Totoyami a pre-release version.

I will release an official version in next week.