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Extrude along curve - abutler77 - 03-17-2016

Hi. I came across your library today and think it will be a good fit for an existing WPF app that I have. There are a number of problems with the existing libraries that I am using. It looks as though PowerToys solves many of them. Before I download the evaluation and invest time reviewing your tool, I wanted to ask about the Extrude feature.

The attached example image is created by extruding two concentric circles along a path made up of lines and arcs. There are actually two objects here - the gray one and the yellow one. Both are extruded. Will I be able to create objects of similar quality using your tool?

RE: Extrude along curve - abenedik - 03-17-2016

Currently it is not possible to create a tube along a path.

I was planning to add that into the next version.
But because of your request, I will try to implement that in the following days.

I will let you know when this is added and send you a pre-release version.

RE: Extrude along curve - abutler77 - 03-18-2016

Thanks. I have been reviewing the examples and I am impressed.



RE: Extrude along curve - abenedik - 03-20-2016

I am glad that you like the samples and the Ab3d.PowerToys library.

I am sure that you will like it even more when you check the new pre-release version that now also support TubePathVisual3D that can render a 3D tube along a defined path.

I have send you a private message with the download link.

See attachment for a screenshot