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What happened to GeometrySettings.UseResources? - kguetter - 04-27-2016

I just tried to update ReaderWmf to version 7.2.5960.1045.
Our code contains the following:

var geometrySettings = Ab2d.Common.ReaderWmf.GeometrySettings.FullOptimization;
geometrySettings.UseResources = false;
geometrySettings.CombineAllSameIntoOneGeometry = false;

But the UseResources property seems to be not available any more.

Update: Setting ResourcesCountLimit to 0 seems to have the same effect. Can you confirm that this is the correct replacement?


RE: What happened to GeometrySettings.UseResources? - abenedik - 04-27-2016

You are right.

The ResourcesCountLimit is a replacement for UseResources property.
It provides more control over resource - the following is the text for help file:

Defines if the pens and brushed are written into resources.
If ResourcesCountLimit is equal or less than 0 than resources are not used.
If ResourcesCountLimit is 1 than all pens and brushes are written to resources.
If ResourcesCountLimit is 2 (or higher) than all pens and brushes that are used 2 (or more) times are written to resources.