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what I need to deploy? - scado - 06-14-2010


I'm evaluating ReaderSvg. What I need to deploy an application that use the library?


RE: what I need to deploy? - abenedik - 06-14-2010

It is not possible to deploy evaluation version of ReaderSvg to a computer that does not have ReaderSvg installed.

This behavior is only possible with the commercial version.

When the commercial version is installed the .Net compiler writes the license keys into the application that is using ReaderSvg - this is done during compiling. So the compiled application will have a runtime license key embedded into to applications resource. When such an application is then deployed to a client computer, the ReaderSvg can read and check the license keys embedded in the application - this way the end user does not need to have ReaderSvg installer.

This is the common way the licensing of components in .Net world works - recommended by Microsoft.

If you really need to test this behavior, I can prepare a special time limited license key to test this.

RE: what I need to deploy? - scado - 06-15-2010

Hi abenedik,

thank you for replying. That's enough.

I suggest you to give an explicit message because now I receive an exception that seems to be a program error.

Where can I find the requirements for deploying? Can I deploy to any Windows operating system?

Best Regards, Stefano.

RE: what I need to deploy? - abenedik - 06-15-2010

Thank you for your recommendation.

I will change the error message.

The requirement for ReaderSvg is .Net Framework 3.0 or higher.
This is the same for all other products except Ab3d.PowerToys that requires .Net 3.5.

RE: what I need to deploy? - scado - 06-15-2010

Hi abenedik,

attached you find the error I get even If I installed 'Ab2d.ReaderSvg.msi' on the machine where I deploy my app.

RE: what I need to deploy? - abenedik - 06-15-2010


From the call stack it looks like the error occurs when the Evaluation info dialog wants to be shown - the icon is set to the window and it looks like the constructor for System.Drawing.Icon throws an AccessViolationException.

Are you running ReaderSvg in a service or some other partially trusted environment?