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Auto-rotation FBX model - Alex3d - 02-29-2020

I have a problem with model rotation.
Some models opened as rotated to 180 degrees.
But the same model opened correctly in "3D Model Viewerhttps://github.com/acgessler/open3mod

You can download the model here

How to detect a correct rotation of the model and rotate if this required?

Thank you

RE: Auto-rotation FBX model - abenedik - 03-01-2020

I have also seen that the orientation of some models is not correct. I have no clue on how the correct orientation can be determined.

Maybe there is a problem in assimp library. The open3mod application that you mentioned uses a very old version of assimp library and there the model is correctly oriented.


But a newer assimp viewer that comes with assimp library also have some problems with  orientation - see the following screenshot where the person from the model should be visible from the side or from the front, but it is visible from upside down: