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Aspect Ratio On Zoom - tony.stokes@121outsource.co.uk - 09-06-2021


I am using a Zoom control with the following properties set:

Viewbox="0 0 1 1"
ViewboxLimits="0 0 1 1"
ViewboxMinSize="0.1 0.1"

All works fine until the very final part of the zoom when zooming out. If there are for example 10 zoom outs in total until the zoom out maximum level is reached, zooms 1 to 9 zoom correctly but the last zoom 10, the image inside the canvas in the zoom panel loses its Aspect Ratio?

RE: Aspect Ratio On Zoom - abenedik - 09-07-2021

You should set Stretch to Uniform instead of None. Uniform is also the default value so you can remove that setting.

RE: Aspect Ratio On Zoom - tony.stokes@121outsource.co.uk - 09-08-2021

Thank you very much, that fixed our issue :)