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FBX error - GraPhiX - 12-02-2021

Hi are there certain FBX files not supported ? i have made a basic model saved as FBX but powertoys crashes trying to load it, works with Ultimate Unwrap and windows 10 viewer.

I am using Powertoys 10.0.8000

Any idea why this happens ?

RE: FBX error - abenedik - 12-02-2021

The latest version came with a new native assimp importer and new AssimpNet and Ab3d.PowerToys.Assimp libraries.

Please use the new DLLs from the following folder:

When using new assimp native DLLs with old AssimpNet, or new AssimpNet with old assimp native DLLs, then this may not work.

If you are using the correct DLLs, then please send me the fbx file by email so I can check if the problem happens in the native assimp importer or in the managed part (if it happens in the managed part, that I can fix that; if it happens in the native part, than I cannot help).

RE: FBX error - GraPhiX - 12-02-2021

All my DLLs are up to date i am also using Visual Studio 2022.

I have found the cause :) it was the folder/asset name, Assimp does not like hyphens in folder or asset names.

renamed folder from "Quarry – Retextured 3D Asset"  to just "Quarry" and it works fine now.

Thank you