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boolean union - kreativasas - 01-27-2022

i need to do a boolean union on multiple objects. 
So i tried to make a union with the first and the second obj, the resulted mesh i make a bolean union with the third the resulted with the forth and so on.

It seems woking but the ultimate mesh is abount 200mb!! ( the original mesh are togheter 10mb) and it has million of triangles (more then the sum of original meshes triangles)

I'm going wrong?

RE: boolean union - abenedik - 01-28-2022

Boolean operations can greatly increase the number of triangles because they use Constructive solid geometry (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constructive_solid_geometry).

But to make a union you can just simply merge two meshes together by using Ab3d.Utilities.MeshUtils.CombineMeshes method (but you probably already know that because you have asked this some time ago - https://forum.ab4d.com/showthread.php?tid=4268&highlight=merge)

But if you need to have a mesh without intersecting triangles, then you will need to use boolean union and this will generate huge meshes. Maybe you can pass the generated mesh through some third-party mesh optimizer (maybe the 3D printer software have something like that). I am sorry but I do not have any solution for that.

RE: boolean union - kreativasas - 01-31-2022

Ok thanks.