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startup options - rwg - 03-12-2011

I want to use the Zoomcontrol in a WpfControl and when the control is displayed, I want the Zoom control to show the Hand for grabbing and the mouse roll to do the zoom in and out.

It seems that when I tested this with a Wpf Window, I used this:
ZoomPanel1.ZoomMode = Ab2d.Controls.ZoomPanel.ZoomModeType.Move;

But when I put this in a Control, while the move is marked, the mouse wheel and move does not work until the user clicks on several options.

How can I set a control to automatically allow Mouse Wheel zoom without the user having to select this from the zoom controls?


RE: startup options - abenedik - 03-14-2011


What do you mean by
"the mouse wheel and move does not work until the user clicks on several options"

What kind of options are there?

RE: startup options - rwg - 03-14-2011

If I bring up the ZoomPanel Samples, and select "Basic" under ZoomPanel, the tiger comes up.

As soon as that window has focus, and the mouse is over the tiger image, I can use the Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out, without having to click on anything.

In my program, this is not the case. I have to click on the Move a couple of times before the Mouse Wheel zoom will work.

What can I do to make it work like the example, where the Mouse Wheel works to zoom without having to click on anything?