Ab2d.ReaderSvg as Silverlight assembly
Is it possible to purchase Ab2d.ReaderSvg as Silverlight assembly?
Then Silverlight can render the SVG directly without the need to convert the SVG in some tool.

Thank you in advance
ReaderSvg is using some classes that are not available in Silverlight. Therefore it is not possible to get a ReaderSvg that would run in Silverlight.

But it is possible to use ReaderSvg on the web server. Your client application can than send the svg to the server and get the xaml back.

This is not so efficient as using ReaderSvg in Silverlight. In this case I would advice you to zip the data send over internet - zipping svg and xaml can be quite significant.

Also please note that the Silverlight application must not allow users get access to xaml text that is get from svg file - this is prohibited by the EULA that does not allow building a competitive product to ViewerSvg - svg to xaml converter. If the service to get xaml text is used only by your application and the application is not exposing the xaml as text to users, you are allowed to use it.
Andrej Benedik

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