Hierarchy of NamedObjects

I have just purchased reader3ds and power tools, so far really impressed but I am a bit lost on how i get the named objects in a model.

This is the code i am using to load in the model (In vb)
Dim file As String = "some location"

Dim modelgroup As New Model3DGroup

Dim Ab4dReader As New Ab3d.Reader3ds
modelGroup = Ab4dReader.ReadFile(file)
Dim ModelVisual3d As New ModelVisual3D
ModelVisual3d.Content = modelGroup
Dim myreader3ds As New Ab3d.Reader3ds

How can i now see the Hierarchy as a set of strings or lists? Ive looked at the robot arm demo and that is what i am after but i am not quite getting it.

any help would be great



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