Compilation Problem with licenses.licx file
We want to use the SvgViewbox in our application. This works fine on our developer PCs with team version. Now we are on the way to build a setup for the customer and I tried to include the licensed verion in it.

The file "licenses.licx" is in root project folder with the following content:

I tried also with full qualified name:
Ab2d.Licensing.ReaderSvg.LicenseHelper.EmbeddedLicenseAssembly , Ab2d.ReaderSvg, Version=6.1.5560.1040, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=d45c8e156fba2841

And with the licenses.licx file in Properties folder.

All results in LC.exe Code 1 error during compilation. What is wrong?

With best regards
Eugen Richter

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