Ab3d Oculus wrapper issues! Help!
Hi Abenedik,

I have been struggling for 5 days to get oculus Rift running on Native c# trying to load all possible oculus rift native c# wrappers and even today I am at a loss. Its not working haha. geez i mustve spent 40 hours total trying to make all wrappers run and Nothing is working.

The thing is if your DXEngine is able to run Oculus Rift and you got a good sample project that comes with it, im in. Im tired of wasting time trying to fix all the other wrappers people left behind that don't even work nowadays. Im definitely not a pro programmer so some other people might find it easy to make them work but anything thats not working out of the box is a pain to have to deal with before getting in ones project.

So Also do you have plans for incorporating Oculus Avatars?

Nevermind for the sample project, if the most recent version that you sell on the website here at ab4d is working and that i only have to buy the license of DXEngine Im in.


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