Level of Detail
You are correct in saying that LOD is difficult in 3D.  For example if I have a 15 mile road that I am looking at on axis, I may be very close to points on one end but very far from points on the other end so LOD is difficult.

BUT these are very interesting problems to try and solve tho they fall into the category of "obvious" for my users and difficult for me.

But at 2-4 Billion points it is just so much more data than the user can possibly deal with at one time.  However they are able to deal with collections of data that resolve into more detail as they zoom in.  So the determination of LOD does rightly belong to me as the importance of the data probably ends up being a comparative value issue.

I'm going to give the OptimizedPointMesh a shot, tho I may have to wait for my next release.  I'm in a big push to finish by end of year.

Thx for the help.

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