Powertoys, WPF and MVVM

I consider Powertoys as drawing engine embedded in 3d modeling software about to create. 
I wonder how MVVM friendly PowerToys are? 

Ploting sphere is as easy as having

<visuals:SphereVisual3D CenterPosition="30 10 0" Radius="10" Material="s:64;Silver"/>
then let imagine I have collection of spheres dynamically added by users, so my ViewModel owns property encapsulating list of sphere's descriptors (ie size and location):
public ObservableCollection<SphereDescriptor> Spheres => _spheres;

where SphereDescriptor class is shaped like below:

class SphereDescriptor
  public LocationXYZ Position { get; } // don't know exact Sphere.CenterPostion's type
  public int Radius { get; }
and finally i'd like to have view defined like that:
<List ItemsSource={Binding Spheres}>
           <visuals:SphereVisual3D CenterPosition="{Binding Position}" Radius="{Binding Radius}" Material="s:64;Silver"/>
 Please notice Binding definition instead explicitly given values. 

So how MVVM friendly PowerToys are?

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