DXEngine Material flickering after changing IsVisible property on scene node
From the video I see that some parts of the scene change visibility on new frame.

But it is hard to say what could be causing this.

Do you set IsVisible on ContentVisual3D objects or directly on SceneNode objects - which type?

Anyway, you can get some additional information with checking the status of SceneNodes and Renderable objects (in RenderingQueues).

The easiest way to get that data is to use DXEngineSnoop tool (installed into Tools folder).  Start the tool and connect to you application. Then go to menu and click on "Dump SceneNodes" and then "Dump RenderingQueues".
(more about using DXEngineSnoop - https://www.ab4d.com/DirectX/3D/Diagnostics.aspx).

You can also get those two diagnostics texts programmatically from your application with calling:

or if you are using VisualStudio immediate window:

In both cases the SceneNodes and Renderable objects that have IsVisible set to false should have "(IsVisible == false)" displayed in the line with the object details.

Please observe if the "(IsVisible == false)" appears or disappears between frames without you changing IsVisible property - in this case please provide more information on the types and hierarchy of objects that you are using so I will try to reproduce the problem (I can give you an answer to the problem even faster if can provide a simple sample that can reproduce this).
Andrej Benedik

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