Box/Lasso selection
I'd like to implement a box selection/lasso selection for a 3d scene editor. I think the box selection should be pretty simple if implemented using plane/bounding box collision. But doing the same for lasso is not the right way. So here are the questions:

1. I know it's possible to create rendering steps in DXEngine. Which steps need to be implemented to achieve rendering the objects with an ID instead of color, reading the texture back with no post processing and multi sampling?

2. Is there a method that would allow rendering the scene on demand but with replacement shader? Let's say I have created a shader that converts ID of my object to color (even better would be if such shader already exists) and I would call Render.DrawImmediate(root, replacementShader)?

3. In the case of physics, is there a method to detect if mesh is at least partially on the side of a plane? Something like the Plane.Slice* methods but without the slicing...

Janovsky Roman

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