OctTree and moving objects
Do I understand correctly, that this use case is handled by DXEngine by default? 

I can expect to have thousand objects. Most of them are small between 100 - 10000 triangles, but some of them are large 500 000-1 000 000 triangles (imagine an engine CAD model with bolts/paddings everywhere and with very detailed cooler). If I use the DXEngine hit-testing will these large objects have an OctTree created (to speed up the hit testing) or do I have to manually create them? Is there a setting when the OctTree should be created (like when mesh is larger than...)? 

In the ObjectSelectionWithSubMeshes sample you show how to hit test object with submeshes and OctTree. The octtree there is not part of any SceneNode. Is there a way to make the OctTree part of the SceneNode - like overriding a method in a subclass, or inserting a behavior like CustomRenderableNode does?

PS: I am trying to convert our WPF structure to use DXEngine so I am trying to find out what needs to be changed to support the behavior we have.

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