TransformShapes not working as expected
Hey ReadSvg Folks,

I have Visio files I'm exporting to SVG and using Ab2d.ReaderSvg() to convert the file to XAML.  It appears if a Visio "square" with FlipX is set to True, the square is not rendered correctly when the TransformShapes option is set to True.

I have attached a zip file with the original Visio file, VisioToSvg.vsdx, the Visio export svg file, VisioToSvg.svg as well as the Xaml files with TransformShapes enabled/disabled.

.zip (Size: 19.36 KB / Downloads: 2)

When TransformShapes is Enabled you will see the square overlaps the circle to the right.  The square should be in between the two circles.

Let me know if there is something I need to tweak on my end.



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