Reframe all objects
I've tried to reuse the examples given but im struggling', i want the user to select a button and reframe on all elemnts just incase they slide the 3d model of the screen i would like to reset it back to the original camera location


<cameras:TargetPositionCamera Name="Camera1"
                                     TargetPosition="0 1000 0"
                                     Heading="150" Attitude="-25" Bank="0"
                                     TargetViewport3D="{Binding ElementName=MainViewport}"/>

//Adjustment factor = 20

private void FitIntoView()

I tried this, but i get od results
       private void Btn_FitAllIn_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
           Camera1.TargetPosition = new Point3D(0, 1000, 0);
           Camera1.Heading = 150;
           Camera1.Attitude = -25;
           Camera1.Bank = 0;
           Camera1.Distance = 250;


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