CameraAxisPanel CustomizeAxis Method old labels stay

when using the CustomizeAxis Method the old labels e.g. X,Y,Z stay and overlap with the new ones. Is there a way to remove them without having to delete the CamereAxisPanel and create a new one ?

Kind regards
After some testing, I have found out that when CustomizeAxes method is called after the CameraAxisPanel was already shown, then the old X, Y, Z labels stay shown (as you have described).

I have fixed that so this fix will be available with the next version.

Until then I recommend you to call CustomizeAxes method before the CameraAxisPanel is loaded (for example from the constructor). If you cannot do that, then just discard the old CameraAxisPanel and create a new one. Call CustomizeAxes method before adding the new control to the panel.
Andrej Benedik

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