Eval Extension Request/Disabled Issue
I downloaded and installed the ZoomPanel eval a few months back, I followed the tutorial online and when I loaded up my add the panel control was completely disabled. I let the issue sit and I have come back to find my eval has ended. We want to buy this product (assuming we can get around the disabled issue) - how can we get our eval extended? How do we eliminate the disabled behavior?
I have send you instructions on how to extend the evaluation and enable the ZoomPanel installation option in the instller to your email account.
Andrej Benedik
I am in the same boat. Downloaded it several months ago and didnt get a chance to try it out. Now that I have circled back around to it I need to get the trial extended so I can finally try it out. What do I need to do?
JRodman, I have send you an email where I ask you to specify for which product you need license extension.

Than I will be able to send you instructions on how to extend the trial.
Andrej Benedik

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