blending one animation into another

I'm evaluating Viewer3ds and I'm curious if it is possible to run on same screen a couple of 3D animation and blend one animation into another through transparency effect.

I'm not sure if this question directly related to Ab3d, and not to WPF, but since you may know, it would be significant attraction for buying your library.
This is really a more generic WPF question.

In WPF every UIElement (that means all controls and most of other stuff) has a property Opacity.

This means that you can simply add two Viewport3D controls to the same location (for example inside one Grid) and set two different 3D animations for them. Than you just change the Opacity of the Viewport3D to hide the first one and show the second one.
Andrej Benedik
Andrej, thanks for explanation, it is exactly that piece of information I was looking for!

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