Asynch Reader
Would be nice if the reader was asynch. There is a long pause during the loading of the model and i'm not sure if its possible to get it to do the read on another thread?

I agree. That would be really great!

But unfortunately most of the WPF objects derive from DispatcherObject. That means that they can only be used on the thread on which they are created. So it is not possible to create a new thread, create WPF 3D objects there and than pass the result to the UI thread.

I have written about this to .Net Framework development team, but did not get any indication that this would be changed.

I also had some hopes for the .Net Framework 4.0. But as you probably know, there will be nothing new there. There will new and great support for parallel tasks, but unfortunately the user interface will not have anything from it.

I cannot really understand this. On one way Microsoft like to promote WPF as the best platform for applications with advanced graphic support. But when you like to display complex graphics, there is simply no way to prevent the UI from freezing :s

The only thing you can do is to read the 3ds file from disk to memory stream and than pass the memory stream to the Reader3ds. But this will still block the UI for the time of creating the 3D objects.
Thanks, I'll try using a memory stream to see if i can reduce the load time...
Anyway in WPF 4.0 we will have XNA interop! so...

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