3ds File and uiElements?

I have a Viewport3D with a couple of ConeUIElement3D's in it, and I can drag the view around quite happily.

I'd like to load a .3ds model into this Viewport to display alongside my elements and still be able to drag the view around - clicking on the cones or on the 3ds model - is this even possible?

thanks in advance
Adding 3d models from 3ds file to the scene is really easy with Ab3d.Reader3ds library. There are a lot of way in which that can be done - check the samples that come with the library to see which one suits your need.

If you are using Ab3d.Cameras and camera controllers (for example MouseCameraController) you will still be able to rotate the camera around.

Clicking on the 3d models from 3ds file is not as easy as it is on the UIElement3D because there are no direct event on the read 3d models.

But you can use the EventManager3D that comes with Ab3d.PowerToys - this really helps to add event to the 3d models - see the sample that come with Ab3d.PowerToys.
Andrej Benedik
Thank you! :)

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