Visual Studio 2012
Are there any known issues with running the latest version of Power Toys (the one released in August) in Visual Studio 2012?
Yes there were some problems with 3D scene preview when the camera was not manually connected to Viewport3D with TargetViewport3D property. In that case the camera was not connected to Viewport3D and therefore the camera was not set correctly.

But this issue was fixed with the latest version (3.3)
Andrej Benedik
Thanks, this works for simple 3d line, but I also need a solution for other "line base" visuals like: LineArcVisual3D, PolyLineVisual3D, TextVisual3D. They all are influenced by LineUpdater, which changes theirs thickness automatically or when Refres() is called.
Is there a way to force those visuals to create their geometries with "original thickness", so I can just Unregister them from LineUpdater? This way I owuld get a static visual, which won't change when I move my camera?
Please check the answer on the "line thickness" topic -

You can create the line's geometry in the Viewport3D that is not shown - only exist in memory and than reuse the Geometry for another Geometry that will be added to the Viewport3D that will be actually shown to the end user.
Andrej Benedik

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