Zoom To Object
Taking your "Zoom to object example".
I need that the content canvas is a fixed size. I notice on load the ZoomPanel1 appears to take
its size from the application window, and in the "FillObjects"
the "ContentCanvas" is set to the ZoomPanel1 size.

How can I fix the ZoomPanel1 size and hence the ContentCanvas size?
going on in the same vein I am thinking to use a custom canvas using a xaml image as background, how would this effect ZoomPanel.
First sorry for not answering for so long - this post somehow slipped through.

I do not fully understand your problem.

First, if you are using Canvas as ZoomPanel's content, that you need to specify its size - either in xaml or in code behind. You can specify any size you want.

You can also specify any size to ZoomPanel or let ZoomPanel's parent to define its size - as in the "Zoom to object example" where the size of ZoomPanel is defined by the parent grid (ZoomPanel takes the whole size of Column 0).

You written that you need to fix the size, but I do not understand what this could mean (apart from setting width and height)
Andrej Benedik

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