License key not valid

I have been using this control for some time without any problem. But I have just inistalled windows 7 N 64 bit system, and now the ZoomPanel control does not install.

It keeps on coming back with: Error 1001. License key not valid!

This hapens with the valid license key and also with no license key to try for the trial version. Not working at all.

I would apreciate it if you could look at this.

And Merry Christmas.
The installer was also tested on Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit and it worked without problems for me.

If you gave User Account Control turned on, you should click Allow button when the dialog box asks you - this will allow the installer to add necessary registry keys.

You can also right click on the installer msi file and choose Run as Administrator.

Could you please reply if you succeed to install the ZoomPanel.
Turned out that administrator permissions was all I needed. Made myself part of administrator group and it worked.

Thanks for your help.

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