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Hi, i looked at the threads and never found any better place to post.
First. thanks for the controls and the samples.
I as seeking help.I am using the "Silverlight EU Countries" Sample but i have run into an issue that i am failing to solve.
I want to run a search on the polygons(countries) on the canvas by Path Name. If the text value in my search textbox finds this path, it gives it a fill(say Red). How can i do this.

will be greatfull for your reply.

To get the names of the shown countries you can enumerate all children of EuMapCanvas Canvas and get all Path names - store all countries into Dictionary<string, Path> - key is Path.Name (=country name), value is Path.

This way you can check if the value in TextBox is in the dictionary - if true you can set the Fill property on the Path.

Your question is more related to Silverlight than to my controls. I usually do not answer such questions. I made an exception this time, but for other Silverlight related questions, please ask questions on some more Silverlight related forum.

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