Paste2Xaml outdated
Hi, i'm working with Expression Studio, and i bought the 07/06 Paste2Xaml pro for its features

In the same time, the 07 june, Microsoft released Studio 4 as free upgrade for Studio 3 owners. I was not aware of that.

The only improvement into Expression Design is the ability to import Windows metafiles (wmf) and Enhanced Metafiles (emf), making useless Paste2Xaml into my workflow.

I have the impression to have lost my money

I was also interested in buying the ZoomPanel but this is also a new behaviour feature into Expression Blend.

What is the future of WPF Graphics products ?

I have checked the new features in Microsoft Design and Blend.

But after I have checked some metafile I have seen that it still have some problems with many more complex files where Paste2Xaml imports files correctly.

Also Paste2Xaml can export metafiles as shapes and as graphics objects. It Exporting as graphics objects have much better performance and lower memory usage (MS Design support only export as shapes). Also with Paste2Xaml it is possible to further optimize the exported geometry.

And the price of Paste2Xaml is also much lower - $139 for pro version.

It is also possible to buy Ab2d.ReaderWmf library license - so you can read metafiles directly from your application - for example if you have a client application that shows some CAD drawings in metafile (exported from Autocad). You or the CAD department can simple add matefiles to the server and your application can show the new drawings.

The Microsoft Design is surely a decent competitive product. But I still believe that my products have something more to offer for a lower price.

The ZoomTranslateRotete behavior cannot be compared to ZoomPanel. It is only usable on multitouch - for example it is not possible to zoom in with the mouse. If you need a zooming functionality, the ZoomTranslateRotete behavior is surely not enough. For the price of ZoomPanel ($69) you get much much more.
You're right, MS Design EMF to XAML is not as advanced than Paste2Xaml, which allows further editing into Blend at the element level.


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