Ab2d.ReaderWmf licensing
I am the product manager of ActiveReports product
at ComponentOne company:

We are interested in using Ab2d.ReaderWmf component
in our WPF report viewer component.
I have a couple of question though:

1. We would like to use ReaderWmf component in the
code of DLL, not the .exe. Does your licensing model
support this type of usage?

2. We would like to embed ReaderWmf in
our component DLL by using smart assembly:
Is it allowed by EULA?

1) The licensing model fully supports using ReaderWmf in dll-s. In this case the runtime license key is embedded into your library (dll). This allows distributing your library with ReaderWmf to any computer or using it in any application.

2) My EULA do not prevent embedding our libraries into your assemblies - therefore this is allowed.

Because I was not sure what happens to the assembly after it is embedded with SmartAssembly, I have downloaded a trial of SmartAssembly. I have created a simple test project and used SmartAssembly on it. It shows that the licensing code is still working - Red Gate has done a good job here - at runtime the embedded assembly is still like the original assembly.
Andrej Benedik

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