Ab3d.Reader3ds library
I want to buy the SW "Viewer3ds" to open files with .3ds format and export to XAML.

I read in the description that the version without "Ab3d.Reader3ds library" puts "You can use Viewer3ds application to convert 3ds files into xaml. You can not use batch conversion Viewer3ds with application".

As stated in the initial message, I only I want to open the 3ds file and export the model exactly to XAML. I only need to use your SW to generate the XAML, I understand that I do not need the library, is that correct?

I've searched and it is not clear for me which means "batch conversion"

I am sorry that this is not well understood.

By "batch conversion" I mean that you cannot use Viewer3ds application from command prompt to convert 3ds file into xaml. This means you cannot create a batch script that you convert many 3ds file into xaml.

With the license without Reader3ds you can use full functionality (except conversion from command prompt) of Viewer3ds application - you can open any 3ds file you want and convert it to xaml.

But if you purchase the Ab3d.Reader3ds library license you are also allowed to use Reader3ds in you own application. If you have many 3ds files to convert, you can make your job easier by creating a batch script that will use Viewer3ds to convert all 3ds file into xaml. Of you can write you own converter application with Reader3ds.

I hope that I have clarified this.
Andrej Benedik
It is clear now.

Thanks for the clarification and congratulations for the application, it's really good.
Hello !
I've been exanimating your applications (3ds reader and zoom panel) and meantime I find it very useful.
However, I didn't find any API code that can operate with 3d model properties (like camera position/direction, lighting color/direction, object position/position type, etc.)
from the code, not only from XAML files.
So can you, please, send some sample code that can do that ?
Or do I have to use some other SW package ?
Thanks in advance, Edward.
I would advise you to check the samples that come with Reader3ds - for example the Reader3dsSamples.sln solution contains the RobotArm sample - Code/RobotArmSample.xaml.cs file contains all the login in code behind. It changes the models, camera and lights.

First, put the breakpoint into the line 106 and then start the project. When you hit the breakpoint, open the Immediate window in VS and can run the "_robotArmReader3ds.DumpNamedObjects();" (as wrtten in the comments). This will write the hierarchy of the read objects and their names.

After you will know the object names, you can get the 3D objects by their names with using NamedObjects dictionary - for example:


Note that you have the WPF's 3D objects - if you are new to WPF 3D please check some tutorials on the web to get familiar with basic objects and concepts.

To work more easily with WPF 3D graphics, I advise you to also check the Ab3d.PowerToys library - it can greatly help work with 3D graphics. The library also comes with lots of samples (you can check the http://www.ab4d.com/quick-start-guide-fo...ation.aspx to see what samples come with the library). When working with Reader3ds I would advise to check the "Ab3d.PowerToys Reader3dsSamples" solution.

A quick start guide for Ab3d.PowerToys library can be also read from http://blog.ab4d.com/post/2012/09/11/The...phics.aspx (also available in Ab3d.PowerToys help file).

If you are new to WPF 3D, you might be overwhelmed with the number of samples.

But I can help you if you tell me more what you would like to achieve.
Andrej Benedik

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