Clicking on the ZoomPanel cause it to move a bit.

When clicking on the ZoomPanel (single click or double click) the entire ZoomPanel is moving a bit.

This can be shown also in many ZoomPanel examples in the examples solution distributed with the installation pack.

This is obviously some kind of a bug because it is not very aesthetics and totally unwanted behavior.

Is there a fix for this issue?
maybe this bug was fixed in some later release (I have the 4.0.4827 version)?

Thanks in advanced,


Reviving and old dead thread in the hope, someone can answer this question. We also noticed this behaviour in the newest version and would be very happy, if there's a solution to it.

We would be very glad to hear a feedback from AB4D.

Best regards
I have just published a new version of ZoomPanel that fixes this problem.
Andrej Benedik

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