Dynamically Added PlaneVisual3D Material Disappears

When I run following code in my application constructor i got my plane material right, I got Label with white text and black background. While my application runs I add dynamically plane by calling same method again and I get only white text, but background on it is transparent? Could someone tell me what im doing wrong?

PlaneVisual3D myPlane = new PlaneVisual3D();

Label label = new Label();
label.FontSize = 14;

label.Content = "LocalizedText";
label.Foreground = Brushes.White;
label.Background = Brushes.Black;
VisualBrush brush = new VisualBrush();
brush.Visual = label;        
brush.Stretch = Stretch.Uniform;
DiffuseMaterial material = new DiffuseMaterial(brush);
myPlane.Material = material;
myPlane.BackMaterial = material;

myPlane.CenterPosition = new Point3D(0.0, 0.0, 0.0);

myPlane.HeightDirection = new Vector3D(0, 1, 0);
myPlane.Normal = new Vector3D(1, 0, 0);


Hope you get idea!

Best regards

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