Rotation modifier

We are doing some tests with implementing Powertoys in our product, but we need a rotiation modifier. Just like ModelMoverVisual3D but for rotation. A combo would be double nice, like helixtoolkit:

Or is there any way we can implement this by code? Please help, it's the final piece we need to solve before we decide to buy a licence.

Hope to hear from you,

Best regards,
I have ModelRotator on my todo list.

I will move it upwards on the list and try to implement it in the following days.
Andrej Benedik
Thank you very much Andrej, we'r looking forward to it.

Best regards,
Hi Andrej,

Any progress on this feature request?

Best Regards

I have just added a new ModelRotatorVisual3D that can be used to rotate 3D models:

I have just send you a PM with a link to a pre-release version.

I will try to publish the next official version with ModelRotatorVisual3D until end of next week.
Andrej Benedik
The ModelRotatorVisual3D has been published with the Ab3d.PowerToys v7.4
Andrej Benedik

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